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Rules and Regulations

The Canandaigua Area Soccer League is organized to offer recreational and travel soccer. The top concern in our league is the enjoyment of soccer, and that the proper application of the laws of the game is achieved with respect to participant safety.The league is governed by the laws of FIFA, the United States Soccer Federation, and the United States Youth Soccer Association. CASL uses both registered USSF and league trained referees. All referees, regardless of training, will do their best to provide an unbiased application of the laws, with the discretions set forth below, according to the player's age group.

The referee is in complete charge of the field from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure. The referee's calls are final and cannot be challenged. Coaches are encouraged to teach respect for referees. The referee is not obligated to explain why a call was made. Any real disputes should be addressed to the Coordinator of Referees AFTER the game. Referees for younger age groups have been instructed to teach players when infringements occur, and allow second chances where appropriate. This is a courtesy and will not stop the clock.

Coaches are responsible for the behavior of players, parents & fans.